Title: AdGooroo Founder Authors Search Advertising Book

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Richard Stokes, the founder of search marketing firm AdGooroo, has announced the publication of his new book, Mastering Search Advertising – How the Top 3% of Search Advertisers Dominate Google AdWords. In the book, Stokes walks through the basics of setting up a PPC campaign and uses graphs and case studies to demonstrate successful marketing strategies. Stokes bases his information on 15 years of search marketing experience as well as competitive intelligence data from AdGooroo.

“Readily available marketing tips and tutorials, accessible on the Internet and other public forums, tend to be outdated or incorrect, while the techniques that really deliver results are kept close to the chest of those in the dominating minority,” explains Stokes. “This doesn’t have to be the case, and the book provides the majority of search marketers with the tools and insights they need to improve their performance and level the playing field.”

The book is available through major retailers. You can read samples from the book here.

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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