Title: Free WordPress Theme: WP One

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WordPress Theme:  “WP One 1.0?.

DEMO: Click to View Demo of WP One 1.0

DOWNLOAD: Download WP Brown 1.0

Versions: Works for Version 2.6 of WordPress and Earlier

Description: Another Free WordPress Theme from SiteProNews.com. This theme is xhtml validated and widgetized.

Here are some key features:

  • Widgetized 2 Column Theme
  • Adsense, Graphic Ad or Text Friendly Sidebar and main body area
  • Ads are managed in the admin area by pasting your ad codes
  • Top Navigation to manage the “pages” section of wordpress
  • RSS Subscribe Button and Search Features that stand out to all your readers
  • Choose a category to feature your posts
  • Write a description about your site that shows below the top nav or choose not to

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Free WordPress Theme: WP One

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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