Title: Google Analytics Unveils 7 Major Updates

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Just in time for a weakening economy and the holiday retail season, Google will begin rolling out 7 new features to Analytics over the coming weeks.

The new updates are enterprise level features that Google will now be offering for free.

First up is an integration with AdSense. This one will be rolled out over several months, so if you don’t see it for a while, you’ll know why. You’ll be able to view AdSense performance based on page and referring site. Plus, you’ll be able to tell where you’re traffic is coming from geographically.

The rest of the updates will begin rolling out over the next few weeks. Don’t expect to see them all at once. You’ll more likely see them added one at a time. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Updated user interface. You may have seen this already today on your account. This is a cosmetic update with a cleaner look.
  • Updated management interface. Soon, you’ll be given a summarized glimpse at your stats upon logging into analytics. Also included are added administrative abiliies to rename and delete accounts and profiles.
  • Custom reporting. You can create reports based on the data that’s important to you and organized how you want to see it. Choose which stats you want on the x and y axis and what data you want to drill into.
  • Advanced segmentation. Check out data on subsets of traffic. You can use this feature to compare traffic from paid search versus organic search, for example. You can integrate this with custom reporting, as well.
  • Motion Charts This takes your data and visualizes it using colors and bubbles. Sound funky? Check out this video to learn more:

  • New API – People have done some pretty creative things with Google Analytics from mobile and desktop applications to Grease Monkey scripts. Now, developers have it easier with the new Google Analytics API. Google is hoping that third party developers will dream up applications that aren’t currently floating around the offices in Mountain View.
  • Google has a YouTube channel dedicated to these updates. It’s a great way to learn more about how the new features work. Check it out and then let us know your impressions of these coming changes by leaving a comment.

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    Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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