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Title: ChatToText: Social Network’s Newest Application

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ChatToText is the newest Application making waves on Social Networks like Facebook, Bebo and soon on MySpace.
It has the potential to launch Facebook and Bebo along with MySpace and several other Social Networks into a whole new level of popularity and help many people make a lot of money!

What is ChatToText?

ChatToText is the world’s first application that allows your friends to chat with you through text messaging straight from your social network page or through directly.

You simply install the application on your Facebook, Bebo or MySpace page and your friends can text you on your cell phone right from your web page. Your reply will be displayed immediately within the same chat window on your webpage for them to see.

This means your friends and associates can keep in contact with you even when you’re not in front of your computer.

Features include: The ability to turn your chat window on and off, the ability to set a schedule of chat availability, the ability to block certain friends from texting you, the ability to customize your chat window with your photo and you can even save your chat history.

ChatToText creators, Scott Messina and Shawn Pringle designed the application to function directly from their own website, which gives you the ability to get the simple HTML code and install the application directly on your website too, if you have one.

For instance, if you have a product or service oriented website your customers can now contact you anywhere you are for tech/customer support and you can reply to them instantly even when you’re miles away from your computer. How awesome is that?

Here are a few reasons why I believe ChatToText is going to be highly successful both as a Social Network Application and as a Business Opportunity.

It’s got a ready market – Texting is the #1 Social Phenomenon! There was a news report recently of a teenage girl sending 14,000 text messages in one month! Of course, this is exceptional but who can deny the power of texting to instantly communicate with family, friends, business associates and customers when other forms of communication aren’t preferred? It’s HUGE!

It’s easily duplicated – A short 5 minute video explains how the program works so there’s virtually no learning curve. Anyone and everyone can do this, whether you’re an Internet Guru or a complete Newbie. The entire sign up and installation process takes another 5 minutes and the Application is ready to work instantly.

It’s viral – Once you begin the referring process it takes on a life of its own and you couldn’t stop it even if you tried. It has the proverbial snowball effect, the longer it stays rolling – the bigger and faster it grows!

The cost for the App is $5.99/month and pays out $2.00/month for each person you enroll, you sign up 3 and get it for free! What do you think your 3 friends are going to do the moment they enroll?

Sign up 3 and get it for free!

This creates a perpetual stream of enrollments, each person eager to get the App then have it pay for itself.

It’s profitable – After your first 3 enrollments every person who joins under you makes you money. Not only that but you’re also paid when your friends sign up their friends, and their friends sign up their friends and so on, for 9 levels deep.

You’re paid $2.00 every month for each person who enrolls and from your 2nd level of referrals you’re paid $0.25 for every person who signs up below you.

Based on the 3X3 matrix, if you only enrolled 3 friends and they did the same you would have 9 members on your 2nd level, 27 members on your 3rd level, 81 on your 4th level, over 2,000 on your 7th level and close to 20,000 on your 9th level, earning you over $7,000 per month.

That sounds unrealistic, I know, but only until you understand how Social Networks work.

Facebook and MySpace are ever-expanding, viral entities that already exceed 350 million members in a few short years.

Facebook alone has been growing at an average rate of 4 million members per month, 130,000 per day, 5,000 every hour; that means 96 people join this network every minute!

You do the math! I did!

Twenty thousand members represent less than 1/4 of 1% of Facebook’s membership. The larger it grows the less significant a 20,000-member ChatToText group will become.

With Facebook’s projected growth in the coming years these numbers mean that having 20,000 members in your ChatToText organization and earning $7,000 per month is suddenly a very real and practical concept.

It’s all about the numbers.

Since you began reading this Article approximately 300 brand new people just joined Facebook and started inviting their friends, and they’re all looking for easier more convenient ways to keep in touch with each other!

It’s affordable – Everybody can afford $6 bucks a month! That’s the price of the average fast-food meal.

When you factor in the ability to turn this meager investment into a real monthly paycheck, this could be a dream come true for many an online entrepreneur and who knows, even some ordinary folk looking for their own ‘bail-out plan’ or ‘economic stimulus package’ might find this a viable income option.

Everest John Alexander is a Minister/Author/Entrepreneur with over 15 years business experience. He discovered Network Marketing in 1994; fell in love with the industry and took his entrepreneurial pursuits online in 1999. He is passionate about the Home-Business Industry and currently makes his living online. Get free business tools and resources at:

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ChatToText: Social Network’s Newest Application

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Title: YouTube Tests Downloading; Offers Creative Commons

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In the ongoing effort to monetize, YouTube is now testing letting partners offer downloadable videos. Partners can allow downloads for free or for pay via Google Checkout, which requires a fee.

Partners testing the free downloads are educational, including Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley and UCTV. Partners testing the paid downloads include users khanacademy, householdhacker and pogobat.

Here’s a screenshot of a video by householdhacker. Notice the download link below the bottom left corner of the video.


Done right, this could prove quite lucrative for YouTube. Assuming this eventually gets opened up to more partners/users, it could prove quite the competitor for iTunes. But Google is much more open than Apple and many more users would have an opportunity to pursue revenue streams via YouTube.

In fact, bundled with today’s download announcement is news that YouTube is now offering Creative Commons licenses for those of you out there who “get it” and don’t mind sharing your work.

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Title: How to Troubleshoot Dropped Search Engine Rankings

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website-promotionAre you baffled about a recent drop in your search engine rankings? Do you know where to start and get a handle on what the problem might be and how to remedy it? One option to consider is using search engine forums as a resource. They are full of questions from people who have experienced similar situations and are great resources for an answer or two. But let’s say you really want to get to the bottom of the problem and you want to do it yourself. The following are some of the beginning steps StepForth takes when evaluating dropped rankings.

Retrace Your Steps

Write a list of everything that anyone has done to your site within the past 3 weeks. Now look for anything that could have negatively impacted your content, site structure, or the reliability of your URLs. Once you write down the course of events the answer might pop right out at you. Here are some common situational culprits:

  • You just moved your website to a different hosting provider: did your site experience much, if any, downtime during the switch over? Quality hosting companies will allow you to setup your site on their servers before the switch takes place so that downtime is minimized if not removed entirely. If a search engine happened to visit your site while it was down there is a small chance your rankings would be negatively affected but it will only happen for a short period. Once the search engine re-indexes your website everything should be back in order.
  • The structure of your site has permanently changed: did you redirect the traffic from the old URLs to the new URLs using a 301 redirect? If not then you should. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which tells any visiting search engine to permanently change its index to reflect the new site structure.
  • Contact your hosting company to check if your server has had any downtime recently. In most cases search engines will not drop your rankings if they visit your site and it is offline once; however, if this happens consistently then your rankings can fail. If your hosting company states that downtime has occurred then you have at least one possible answer for your ranking woes. As long as your site is now reliably online and has not been offline for an extended period (days or weeks) the rankings should reappear as your site is re-indexed. There may be a notable drop in rankings but in most cases they will return to pre-incident status.

Check Your Content

Is all of your textual content up to date? It is amazing just how quickly a website’s rankings can drop when someone accidentally overwrites optimized pages with older, non-optimized pages. Check the content and if you find old content just overwrite it with the newer content and wait for the search engines to come back and re-index your website; Google and Yahoo are likely to come back within a week or even a day.

Check Your Server Headers

When a search engine visits your website it must first respond to any commands provided by your server. These commands are often identifiable in the server header. As a result, we like to verify that no incorrect, unusual or unnecessary commands are stashed in the header of your site. We use our free Server Header Checker Tool to review any headers and take action if required but there are others freely available as well.

Search Engine Webmaster Tool Resources

If you have not already done so I strongly recommend claiming your website on Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Central and Live Search Webmaster Center. Each of these fine resources provides extremely useful feedback (from each respective search engine’s perspective) for site owners such as:

  • Whether your site is currently banned. If you are, in some cases they will tell you why.
  • Notes on any impediments the search engine has experienced when trying to index your website.
  • Who is linking to your website.
  • Which pages are the most popular on your website.
  • Which keywords lead the most traffic to your website.

In addition these free webmaster resources allow you to submit an XML sitemap of your website so that you can ensure no pages are missed when the search engines index your website.

Search Your Site for SPAM

It is possible that your site has been “lucky” enough not to have been penalized until now for certain content transgressions. You see, search engines don’t always catch SPAM right away. In fact, I occasionally find myself shaking my head in disbelief when I see blatantly spammy sites appearing in the top 10 search results. Your site may not be entirely spammy but all it takes is for one transgression to come to light for a search engine to penalize your search engine rankings. What SPAM is and how to identify it is an article unto itself so here are some helpful resources for you to review:

Contact an SEO or Request a Forum Review

If you haven’t found a reasonable answer after following the instructions above I would recommend either contacting a reputable SEO company for advice or posting your ranking problems publicly on a popular search marketing forum within a resource like Webmaster World. There are a lot of people on forums that can be incredibly helpful and may have an answer for you. But a word to the wise, make sure the person providing advice has a solid reputation. I strongly recommend reviewing a number of their previous posts and Googling them to ensure they have suitable experience to provide advice – unless of course you have a ‘no duh’ moment where their advice makes perfect sense.

by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth Web Marketing Inc. Celebrating 10 Years of Web Marketing Excellence

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How to Troubleshoot Dropped Search Engine Rankings

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