Title: Google Tweaks Product Search Just in Time for the Holidays

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Days before masses bust down the doors of brick and mortar stores and burden e-commerce servers, Google has released updates to its Product Search.

Recent tweaks include:

New gallery view

Instead of viewing in a vertical list, view products horizontally in rows. Click the gallery icon at the top right corner just above the results. Here’s what the gallery view looks like on the results for sunglasses:

Review summaries

On product pages, Google is providing a quick glance at the overall feedback from the reviews for a given product:

Video product reviews from YouTube

Also on the product pages, look for a link – just under the product name – for “Videos,” and you’ll get access to reviews users have posted on YouTube:

Nearby stores

When you’re in the “Compare Prices” grid, you’ll see notifications of nearby brick-and-mortar locations of the listed retailer. Click on the link listing nearby stores and a window appears with a map, outlining the locations.

This is a great way to do a little virtual window shopping before you brave the crowds this weekend. Or – just avoid them altogether by buying online.

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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