Title: Google’s Algorithm Impact Over the Years in Graphic Detail

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SEOBook has posted a very interesting infographic from Jess.NET, about Google’s “Collateral damage” and “How the Evolving Algorithm Shapes the Web”.

The infographic illustrates the story of Google’s rise to Internet power and the impact it has had on webmasters and publisher. While not covering every algorithm change over the years, it does a pretty good job of highlighting the major shifts in webmaster practices that have been largely influenced by Google.

It wraps up with the Panda update and plays heavily on Demand Media’s content business wemodel, which is still proving successful. It does emphasize, however, just how dependent on Google webmasters and publishers have become, and shows why it is in your best interest to diversify your traffic sources.

Google's Collateral Dmage

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“Rather than using unobtrusive measurement, Google both measures & monetizes the publishing ecosystem,” says SEOBook. “Their most recent algorithmic update likely shifted over $1 billion in online ad revenues. Their editorial philosophy & ad programs have likely had more impact on the shape of the web than anything or anyone since Tim Berners-Lee created it.”

“Some of the biggest problems in search (like content farms) were created by Google,” the site adds. “This image highlights how the search ecosystem has changed since Google has become a serious player, and how Google has used their amazing marketshare to bend the web to their will.”

Google’s Panda update has been incredibly controversial for something that was intended to improve the quality of results for users. Many think that the results are indeed better now, while others are skeptical or flat out disagree. Either way, it’s affected a great deal of sites  – some deservedly so, and others which are more debatable.

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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