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Title: The Critical Aspects of Social Media and Its Overall Effectiveness

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socialmedia2Social media has established a prominent presence as form of marketing utilized by companies in countless industries worldwide. There are a variety of inherent factors that can prove to substantially increase a company’s brand equity and visibility, or possibly victimize a company’s reputation. The way in which a social media strategy is implemented and monitored can go a long way in determining its overall effectiveness.

Today’s market features a wide array of consumers who have certain expectations of brands, products, and services. Discontented and social media savvy consumers are simply awaiting any opportunity to voice their opinions via Twitter, Facebook, and associated social channels. This makes it even more vital for a company to thoroughly research and consider what methods of social media are most appropriate and beneficial to their needs.

There are a number of steps that can be taken in order to avoid the aforementioned social media disasters that occur frequently in today’s online marketplace. The first involves being realistic and properly understanding the relationship between conversations on social networks and other types of customer interactions.

The second step includes utilizing a multi-channel strategy for customer sales and service. While social media is quite effective, interactions taking place at brick and mortar locations, on toll-free lines, and during online customer service chats are also very important in providing a comprehensive view of consumers’ opinions.

The next step focuses upon viewing your data and evaluating the technology that is currently in place in order to understand consumer behavior and the voice of the customer.

The final measure that can be taken to avoid social media disaster is to have a designated employee that specializes in the customer experience delivery chain.

A company that does not currently possess a strong presence in social media does not have to fear making a huge investment in social media. There are a number of low cost options that can be practiced to make that initial leap into the realm of social media marketing. Starting a blog about relevant industry news, trends, or intriguing applications of your product line is an excellent way to embark into the world of social media. Creating a LinkedIn group, Facebook page, Twitter account, a customers-only discussion forum, or a YouTube channel can provide unique opportunities to present and inform users and fans alike of current company highlights and information.

The key to a company’s successful use of social media is all about the results and the ability to properly measure them. Industry analysts are publicizing self-service business intelligence as the so-called “golden child” of 2011. In terms of marketing, one area that could widely benefit from self-service BI is social marketing. There are a number of best-practices that can be employed in order to measure social
media effectiveness using BI solutions. Mapping out the ideal marketing process flow that will best transform prospects into quality sales leads is an exceptional starting point. Another practice involves determining the online marketing initiatives and campaigns that will be implemented to attract and engage prospects. Selection of the appropriate outlets to use is quite important in safeguarding the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Each initiative that comprises the marketing plan must then have a pre-established audience profile, outreach, value proposition, and budget that you are willing to spend. The most appropriate set of keywords must then be identified to ensure optimal website content that is designed for those specific keywords.

Identifying and adjusting paths on social networks, aligning the website experience with specific landing pages, and setting goals for desired actions are all best-practice techniques in order to ensure continuity. It is also vital to measure all of the initiatives that are being used at a given time to display your activity, outreach, engagement, and outcomes.

An even more thorough approach includes tracking all the way through to incremental sales, revenue and gross profit that is derived directly from online marketing. Business intelligence allows insight at the appropriate times during your social media campaigns. It offers the ability to instantly alter campaign focus and direction. Social media marketing can greatly benefit from the use of business intelligence as marketers can produce and exhibit greater value in their social media outreach campaigns.

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The Critical Aspects of Social Media and Its Overall Effectiveness

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Title: Converting Your Website Visitors One Small Step at a Time

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increase-conversionsThe ultimate goal of most websites is to collect leads and/or make sales. Which makes them important conversion points to measure with your web analytics program.

Leads and sales are also the reason why I’m a huge proponent of optimizing services and products pages. If a Google searcher lands directly on a page that is selling what they want, there’s a strong likelihood that this will convert into a lead or a sale.

Leads and sales often come with a high price tag and are what I call “large conversions.” Any conversion that potentially costs money is going to be harder to get than one that is free.

And let’s face it, not everyone is in the market to buy right now. Some are just looking for information about your particular industry. Others may be trying to learn how to do for themselves what you are doing. And still others may be doing research for sometime in the future when they may be in the market.

Serve Them Value-Added Content

Adding value to your website through free articles, blog posts, videos, and any other type of content that may be helpful to those at the not-ready-to-buy-yet stage, is a great way to gain extra traffic. The problem (if you want to call it that) with all this “value-added” content is that it brings those very people who will rarely convert into a lead or a sale. They’re mainly there to partake of your free information. They want answers to their questions, and once they get them, they leave your website with nothing to show for it other than a “100% bounce rate” mention in your analytics report.

Converting the Freeloaders

Rather than having them bounce off your website, you should be trying to convert them in some small way. That is, providing you’re not-in-the-market-right-now site visitors (or freeloaders!) with one or more quick, painless (ideally measurable) actions they can take. These could be anything that keeps them connected to you and/or your website in some way – signing up for your free email newsletter, following you on Twitter, “liking” your Facebook page, subscribing to your YouTube channel, etc.

Be sure to feature your conversion points prominently where your free content lives.

For instance, at the bottom of every article or post add call-to-action wording such as:

“If you liked this blog post, let us email you when we’ve posted others.”

“If you want to learn more about _____, sign up for our weekly newsletter.”

“If you want to stay abreast of what’s going on in ______, be sure to follow us on Twitter.”

Clearly State the Obvious

Another type of small conversion is to get the visitor to at least click through to your services or product pages. For instance, if you have a lot of how-to content that shows people the ins and outs of the very services you offer – make sure it’s extremely clear that you don’t just teach it, but that you also provide the service. (You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize it!) There will always be some people who decide that doing it themselves is too daunting a task.

Make sure those folks see prominent and simple directions to your services pages by saying something like:

“Learn how we can help you do ______ today!”

Small Conversions Keep You Connected

Of course, if you’re going to prominently feature small, quick and painless conversion points, it’s essential that you follow through with your promises. If you promise you’ll provide industry updates on Twitter, then you darn well better do it fairly often. If you told them you’d send email when you posted new articles and they don’t hear from you for 2 months, then you’re not keeping up with your end of the bargain. It’s important to continuously give them what you said you would. Nothing undermines your credibility faster than collecting their email addresses and Twitter handles and then giving them to your sales team to start breathing down their necks. (Remember, they’re not in the market to buy now anyway!)

Pay Attention to Low Conversion Rates

If you are prominently featuring small conversions on your website but not seeing much action, it could mean that your content isn’t providing what the visitor hoped it would. Or worse, it could mean that it’s just not very good. This is common if you’re creating your content for search engines, not people. After all, why would people want to be notified when you’ve added more crap content? Take your low conversion numbers to heart and invest in content that fulfills a real need.

Small Conversions Can Lead to Big Ones

The whole idea of having small conversion points where people sign up to hear from you regularly is so that you will always be at the top of their mind and not forgotten a few minutes after they leave your website. Today’s not-in-the-market-at-the-moment guy or gal may one day be a ready-to-buy-now guy or gal. When they make their Jekyll to Hyde switch, you want them to feel that there’s nobody they’d rather purchase from than the one who’s been nurturing them along from the very beginning of their quest – YOU!

Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, an SEO Consulting company in the Boston, MA area since 1995. Follow her on Twitter @JillWhalen

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Converting Your Website Visitors One Small Step at a Time

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Title: Google Authorship Markup – An Easier Way

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Google really wants people writing web content to start using authorship markup. Not only are they looking to use it as a ranking signal, but it also pushes the Google Profile, which is essentially the backbone of the Google+ user …

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