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Title: Matt Cutts Won’t Be At SXSW

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For the search crowd, the SXSW session to take place on Saturday called “Dear Google & Bing: Help Me Rank Better!” is no doubt on the list of those to attend. It was supposed to have Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts, Bing Sr. Product Manager Duane Forrester (who has kind of become known as Bing’s Matt Cutts) and Search Engine Land Editor in Chief Danny Sullivan, who has established him as one of the leading voices in the search industry.

View our SXSW coverage here.

Matt Cutts announced, however, that due to his wife having surgery, he will be unable to attend. He tweeted early this morning:

Matt Cutts
My wife has foot surgery tomorrow, so I won’t be able to make it to SXSW in person: I’ll try to Skype in for the panel. 15 hours ago via Tweet Button ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

He actually wrote about the news on his blog a few days ago, but at that point thought he would still be able to do the panel:

Every so often real life catches up with you in ways you didn’t expect. My wife broke her foot a few days ago. She took a unfortunate spill off a stepstool, but she’s telling everyone it was a ninja fight. Those ninjas pack a wallop: she’ll wear a cast for up to 6-8 weeks, and the doctor said she can’t drive with her current cast. Overall, the broken foot has been a good reminder that having your bike stolen, while annoying, isn’t too horrible in the grand scheme of things.

One wrinkle is that my wife and I were going to spend about a week together at South by Southwest, and I was scheduled to participate on a panel. She’s not going now for obvious reasons (ninja fight). I’ve rejiggered my travel so I’m only away from my wife for a day but I believe I can still do the panel.

That now has an update on it, reflecting what he said in the tweet.

Fans will no doubt be disappointed. I’ve seen this guy walk the halls at conferences, constantly being surrounded by people who want to talk to him. Just like a rock star. The Twitterverse is understanding, however.

Toni Carreiro
@mattcutts You are a great husband. Our philosophy is family first. Best of luck to your wife (and you too!) :) 15 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Susanna Speier
@mattcutts sounds painful. Hope she feels better. Please send her my best. 15 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Here’s the official description for the session:

If you build it, they might not come, if you haven’t thought about how search engines view your web site. Forget testing for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Search engines are the common browser that everyone uses. The good news is that search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t mean terrible design or some type of black-magic trickery. Rather, there are good, sensible things that everyone should do that pleases both search engines and human visitors. In this session, representatives from Google and Bing provide this type of advice. They’ll even get you up to speed on the impact that social media is playing on search results. Even better, it’s all Q&A. Bring your top questions about how they rank sites and get answers directly from the source.

Cutts, Forrester and Sullivan all put together a session together at last year’s SXSW as well. Here’s our coverage of that. It could give you an idea of the kinds of things to expect, though a lot has certainly happened in search in a year’s time. I’m sure Search Plus Your World, for example will be a topic of discussion this year.

You can find plenty of advice from Matt Cutts on various topics here.

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Title: Generate New Content Easily with These 6 Strategies

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Content is the foundation of any successful online marketing effort. You need content for your newsletters, website, blog, and social media efforts, as well as your audios, videos, and all your other content sharing. To generate that much content regularly means that you need to have a lot of ideas. Now, for some people, idea generation is easy – they seem to always have something they are thinking about and working on and planning to write about.

Many people struggle with coming up with new content ideas and this can be a bit of a challenge – and it’s for you I’m sharing these six strategies for generating new content ideas. When I think about writing new content for my blog and newsletter, as well as articles I write for distribution, and other avenues where I share my ideas, I notice that there is often a similarity or overlap in the themes for the month. Sometimes it is just easier to dive more deeply into a topic than it is to try and come up
with different topics for each required item.

So, for example, my thinking process might go like this: I write for my blog, and then I expand on the concept for my newsletter, and then I reformat that newsletter article slightly to become an article that will be sent out for syndication. That way, I’m constantly building on my original idea, and refining my delivery of it, and this process makes sense.

So how do you generate great content ideas in the first place?

I want to share with you these six strategies I use to develop new content ideas:

1. I develop ideas from books I’m reading. So, for instance, whenever I read a book, I think about how I might apply this to my business, and then, also, how my clients might apply this information to theirs. Similarly, though I don’t watch a lot of television, when I do see an idea or concept on TV, I will see if I can develop it into a blog post or article as well.

2. I listen to themes that reappear in my client work. Very often, my clients will mention or report similar struggles or frustrations around the same time. I listen for these themes and find patterns in them. During a week, if different clients mention the same thing, I know this is worth paying more attention to and generating content around. What’s also great about this approach is that it often helps my clients feel I’m speaking directly to them, and I can share more ideas and information as my
understanding develops further.

3. I read the questions I receive on social media sites or email. When people reach via email or Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, I pay attention to what they are asking and see whether I have content about it already. If I do, I often times share this article or blog with them. If not, though, I will respond to them, and then take the email response and convert it into a post or article. When I receive media requests, I pay attention and I save my replies for these and may write articles from them as well.

4. I discuss or free-think about ideas or concepts my clients might want to know about. I also have a list of 20-25 subject ideas or topics that I keep as a set of “spare” or “back-up” ideas – ones I can use if I ever need to create content and can’t think of something to say.

5. I pay attention to trends and share them with different people on how to use or apply them. It’s especially fascinating to pay attention to advances in neuroscience, psychology, and technology and be able to provide some feedback or explanation, or to help people see things in a new light. People always benefit from being on the forefront of new knowledge.

6. I pay attention to ideas or strategies I use in my own life and work. If I want to be seen as an expert, I need to contribute something about what I’ve tried, what’s working, and what isn’t. So I use myself as a way to test ideas and strategies and then to share my results. People are often intrigued in the personal aspect of this process; they feel like they know me better – and trust me more.

Each of these are strategies you can adopt too. If you’re stuck for new content ideas, start applying these six steps to observe the world around you. I’m certain it won’t take too long before you have more ideas than you can handle.

Dr. Rachna Jain is a content marketer and traffic generation specialist who helps her clients become more profitable and more popular online. Learn how you can get the right kind of attention to become liked and rich by requesting your own copy of the 7 Keys to Profitable Popularity at:

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Generate New Content Easily with These 6 Strategies

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