Title: Duane Forrester: More Details on Bing Phoenix Update

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Duane Forrester continues the SEO media tour supporting Bing’s Phoenix update, this time stopping by Stone Temple Consulting to give a detailed explanation of what the new Bing Webmaster Tools can do for users. Forrester’s doing a great job of not just promoting the update but actually explaining in detail how Bing Webmaster Tools opens up a new world of capability for webmasters. Or, as Stone Temple describes it, the Phoenix update was built by SEOs for SEOs.

The full interview transcript at Stone Temple is a long read so I’m not going to try to summarize it here; if you’re a student or teacher in the school of SEO, I recommend you visit the site, make some tea, and step up your Bing Webmaster Tools vocab. Forrester discusses the data range tools, the new Link Explorer that lets users dive through the internet to find links associated with any domain, some more explanation of the “Fetch as Bingbot” web crawler simulator, and more.

One key note worth mentioning is how available Forrester has been making himself to feedback from users. In the Stone Temple discussion, he encourages users of Bing Webmaster Tools to reach out to him directly on Twitter at his personal account, @duaneforrester, to offer up some feedback, make some suggestions, or to ask him some specific questions. Or, I’m sure he also enjoys hearing how awesome you think the Phoenix update is.

The Bing Team originally promised to go into more detail on their official blog about the Phoenix update, and they have been doing that so far, but Forrester’s been beating them to the punch lately when it comes to covering all the new tools. Forrester made a stop last week at SEOmoz to discuss the new Webmaster Tools and offered up a half-hour tutorial on what you can do with the new features.

Bing Program Management VP Derrick Connell announced the Phoenix Update at SMX earlier this month. So far, most of the response appears to have been very approving of the update.

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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