Title: Google Algorithm Changes For June: What’s On The List?

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In what Google called an effort to be more transparent, the company began posting monthly lists of algorithm changes, highlighting some of the things it has done to improve the quality of search results and/or the user experience. There are typically a slew of changes that users can take a look at and use to at least get a feel for some of the kinds of tweaks Google is making on an ongoing basis.

For example, we usually see multiple changes to how Google deals with freshness of search results.

Google usually releases the list fairly early in the month, for the previous month’s changes. Once, they even released the list before the month was actually over. But here we are with one day left in July, and we have not yet seen a list for June’s changes, let alone July’s.

Google always posts the list to its Inside Search blog, but the last list on the blog looks at May’s changes. There were 39 of them.

Posts from Google’s Inside Search Blog since then:

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What happened to June. I tweeted at Google’s Matt Cutts about it last week, but received no reply. So here we are just waiting to see if Google releases a list. Perhaps at this point, Google will put out one giant list for June and July. Or maybe we’re not going to see these lists anymore.

That wouldn’t be very transparent though.

I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that there were more adjustments made to how Google deals with freshness.

We do know that there were two Panda data refreshes during June.

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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