Title: Adobe Gets Social

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Adobe has introduced a new service that, it says, will provide the information and tools needed to implement advanced social strategies.

Adobe Social is a mixture of analytics-laden social listening, management and publishing tools.

“Just because social feels intuitive doesn’t mean you can run it intu-itively,” senior vice-president/GM of Adobe Digital Marketing Business Brad Rencher told MediaPost News. “Imagine reporting on your search campaigns by telling your CMO that customers really ‘like’ your key-words, or that sentiment around your keywords is positive.”

The product provides six key benefits:

* Saves Time and Simplifies Social Efforts
Content is produced and sent out to all of the user’s social media channels. The user can plan, preview and publish hyper-targeted posts for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name a few.

* Measures, Analyzes and Understands

It provides “real-time insights” about customers while interacting with a business’ “whole brand,” from social media content and digital advertising to the business’ website. The program measures what is working and what is not.

* Tailors Permissions to User’s Needs
It customizes administration and permissions in any way that works for a business’ social media team. It allows the user to encourage collaboration and keep the content coming while maintaining control.

* Allows Users to Keep Up With Fans Through Social Advertising
The program details posts that are resonating with fans. It allows the user to shift that content into high-profile Facebook sponsored stories in just a few clicks.

* Enables the User to Reach Out and Connect

It allows the user to “keep on top of conversations, questions and issues.” The program helps the user to identify key trends within the user’s communities and quickly make strategy changes.

* Assists the User in Gaining Adobe Social Expertise
A range of services are offered to help the user with set up, training and making the most of the user’s social media plan.

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Adobe Gets Social

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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