Title: Google Tweaks Rich Snippets Testing Tool, Calls It Structured Data Testing Tool

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Google has launched a new version of its rich snippet testing tool, which it now calls the Structured Data Testing Tool. The company says it has improved how it displays rich snippets in the tool to better mach how they appear in search results.

Google also says the new design makes it clearer what structured data Google can extract from the page (and how it may be shown in search results). It’s also now available in languages other than English.

The tool works with all supported rich snippets, as well as authorship markup, at least in theory.

Former Googler Vanessa Fox, who built Webmaster Central, writes, “I’m having a bit of trouble with the tool. For instance, looking at the page they show in the blog post: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/banana-banana-bread/, the rich snippet appears in the tool correctly…However, the image is missing for this page in the actual search results. Why isn’t the image showing up?”

You can access the tool here.

Last month, Google introduced the Structured Data Dashboard in Google Webmaster Tools. More on that here.

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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