Title: Google Mobile-Friendly Update Completes Roll-Out

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It appears that Google’s mobile-friendly update has fully rolled out, but as of Friday morning, not all pages had been indexed yet, so it’s possible that you’ll still see effects from it that haven’t taken place just yet. That said, it sounds like the impact of the update is far less significant than the “Mobilegeddon” headlines would have had you believe.

Google webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes tweeted that the algorithm is rolled out, but that not all pages were reindexed yet, so they don’t have the new scores yet (via Barry Schwartz):

@rustybrick Tricky question! The algo is rolled out, but not all pages were reindexed yet so they don't have the new scores. Yet.

— Gary Illyes (@methode) May 1, 2015

And on the impact:

@rustybrick Also, there were a load of sites that became MF recently, so the actual number of sites affected decreased considerably

— Gary Illyes (@methode) May 1, 2015

As we’ve said over and over again leading up to the update, while mobile-friendliness is obviously important ranking signal to consider, it’s still just one of over 200 that Google uses.

If you haven’t had the chance to go mobile-friendly yet, you can do it anytime, and will send Google the right signal. Learn all about how to do so here.

Image via Google

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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