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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Link Exchange Service Network?

Link Exchange Service Network is a link exchange directory that allows members to exchange links with hundreds or thousands of other members quickly and easily. Each Link Exchange Service Network member creates a directory page on their websites where the links to their link trade partners will be located. Members are able to select which sites they will link to and receive links from those links and are automatically added to the directory pages on their websites.

Are there any costs to join Link Exchange Service Network?

No, our service is FREE of charge and you may add multiple sites to your account. However, if you would like the additional features associated with our advanced plan, the cost is $20 per month. See our plan comparison to see the differences between plans.

How will registering with Link Exchange Service Network help increase my websites search engine ranking and link popularity?

When you become a member of Link Exchange Service Network, you will receive a link in our member directory. Thousands of our members can select and link to your websites quickly and easily. This essentially gives you the potential for thousands of inbound links to your sites. Most search engines consider inbound links to be a top factor in determining a websites search engine position.

How soon after I register with Link Exchange Service Network will I have incoming links pointing to my site?

Once you’re registered and add your websites, you will be able to go through our directory of websites and select the members that you want to exchange links with. Once the other members approve your websites, a link exchange is automatically created.

I’ve activated my site in the Link Exchange Service Network directory but Google does not show any links to my site, why is this?

Although links to your sites are instantly added to other members websites immediately after they have been approved, it can take up to 3 or 7 weeks for search engines such as Google to re-index these pages and show your links.

Is Link Exchange Service Network considered a “Link Farm”?

NO! Link Exchange Service Network is a member directory which is edited by humans and which allows members to exchange links with one another by requesting and approving link trades. Our directory covers thousands of websites in over 60 categories. Link Exchange Service Network members can browse our directory and select which members they want to exchange links with.

How many websites can I add to my account?

There is no limit, you can add as many websites as you wish as long as you put a link to the links page directory from each of the websites you add.

I only want to exchange links with certain types of websites, is this allowed?

Yes, our custom software allows you to exchange links with only the websites and categories that you want.

Will using Link Exchange Service Network improve my Google PageRank?

Link Exchange Service Network cannot guarantee that any sites using our service will see an increased PageRank but Google does use link popularity as one of the factor in determining PageRank and Link Exchange Service Network will certainly increase your link popularity.

I’ve joined other link exchanges service, what makes Link Exchange Service Network different?

Link Exchange Service Network is different because we do not provide “instant” links for members and we require that members request and approve their link trades. This makes our service a legitimate link exchange service in the view of Google and other search engines.

Other link exchange services that claim to provide hundreds or thousands of “instant” links will most likely get your websites banned by search engines. In addition, we also require that any websites in our directory be indexed by Google so you can be sure there are no banned or illegal websites in the directory.

Our software allows you to select which categories and websites you want to exchange links with while other services require that you exchange links with all their members. Exchanging links with relevant websites is known to improve search engines ranking.

Are there any type of web sites you do not allow?

Yes, we do NOT allow websites that contains pornography, racist information, warez downloads or illegal content. In addition, we do NOT allow FFA or Link Farm sites. If you have a questionable websites, please contact us and we will review your content.

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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