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Service Overview

Link Exchange Service Network is a link exchange service that allows members to exchange links with one another to increase their traffics, link popularity and search engine ranking of their websites.

The goal of our service is to create a directory where members can select from thousands of other websites owners to request link exchanges. Once a link request is approved, our software automatically creates the links on each members links page. Our service allows members to generate inbound links from other member websites quickly and easily.

Link Exchange Service Network works in this ways:

  • Register for a FREE account.
  • Add your websites to the member directory. This requires that you add our links page code to a page on your websites where our software will dynamically create the categories of your choice and the links to the websites you approve. You will also need to create a link from your homepage to the links page that you created.
  • You can then log into your account control panel and select which of the members websites you would like to trade links with. Once your link requests are approved by the other members, our software automatically creates the corresponding links on each websites. You will be able to view all pending link requests from other members as well as your own and either approve or decline the requests.
  • If your link is ever removed by the other web site, your link to them is automatically removed so there is no need for you to monitor your links, our software does everything for you.

It’s that simple. Within minutes, you will have access to thousands of other Link Exchange Service Network members who really want to trade links.

Link Exchange Service Network allows ordinary webmasters like yourself to begin trading links with other webmasters without the time and hassle involved in finding and contacting other web sites for link exchange requests. Our service facilitates these tasks and gives you access to thousands of webmasters who really want to exchange links with your websites.

Our Basic service plan also limits the number of link requests to 75 per day per user. This encourages users to gradually create link exchanges and to find relevant link partners. Both of these items are very important to search engine optimization and are critical to avoid being flagged by search engines for abuse. Any other link exchange service which allows or encourages “instant” link exchanges or immediate access to hundreds of link exchanges risks being banned or blacklisted by search engines and we encourage you to be weary of these types of services.

If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to contact us.

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Article Source: Link Exchange Service Network
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